Wednesday, 11 May 2011

You can't keep a good tree down

April was such a great month. Not only did we get an extended holiday because of Good Friday and Easter Monday/Tuesday, but these were followed by the royal wedding and the normal Spring bank holiday.

Like many people, we too the 2 extra days and made a lengthy break. With nowhere to fly off to and no major events to organise (e.g. Christmas), this was a really restful period; maybe good practice for retirement. We went to watch cricket (in the sun!), spent time getting the garden into shape and generally enjoyed ourselves.

Meanwhile, the village is looking forward to Summer - everywhere is greening up and blossom covers the hedgerows.

The vandalised elms have sprouted again - you can't keep a good tree down. My neighbour says they will never grow into proper trees but I wonder whether, if we take off all the shoots but one and create a single leader, we might get a result.

All the rest of the elms are burgeoning and will look magnificent in a few years time.

Across the road, the guy who broke into our house and disturbed Marea has set up a sort of playground for his children and they light bonfires on warm nights. Still, they haven't bothered us yet.

My favourite plant, cow parsley, (keck) is out everywhere and is at its best at this early stage.

It has a smell that brings back Summer every year. Marea and I both love this plant so much that I actually bought her a gold and silver brooch representing cow parsley for Christmas from Paula Bolton Jewellery

I've bought Marea lots of Paula Bolton jewellery in the past. She's a favourite designer.

The dandelions have all gone over but, from the look of this, we won't have to worry about not having any next year.

Sumer is icumen in;
Lhude sing cuccu!