Friday, 15 January 2010

Disappearing Chestnut Trees

So, the thaw has started and the snow and ice is gradually disappearing. Probably a good thing - Marea fel a couple of days ago and she's feeling a bit stiff. The trouble now is that it's raining hard and the river is swelling. I think I preferred the snow; at least it looked nice.

Snow's not the only thing disappearing. my neighbour has cut down her sweet chestnut tree, together with a spruce and a couple of others, so there won't be a chestnut crop next year (or any other year).

The lane looks a bit bare without its tree lining, but I suppose it lets a lot more light into the garden.

Even the tree that was supporting a dead elm has gone. I hope they're burning the wood. I would!

And here's the stump with an abandoned blackbird nest just to complete the picture.

Roll on Summer!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Back to work in the cold

End of the first week back in the office. Still feeling rotten from the 'flu, and still got tinnitus. Looks like I'm going to be stuck with it.

The village is deep in snow, but it's possible to get out. The animals are being fed, and all-in-all, the snow adds something to the look of the place.

Still very cold; last night down to minus 7 locally. I need to check one of the radiators in the morning; it's not working properly so the dining room is a bit cold.