Friday, 15 January 2010

Disappearing Chestnut Trees

So, the thaw has started and the snow and ice is gradually disappearing. Probably a good thing - Marea fel a couple of days ago and she's feeling a bit stiff. The trouble now is that it's raining hard and the river is swelling. I think I preferred the snow; at least it looked nice.

Snow's not the only thing disappearing. my neighbour has cut down her sweet chestnut tree, together with a spruce and a couple of others, so there won't be a chestnut crop next year (or any other year).

The lane looks a bit bare without its tree lining, but I suppose it lets a lot more light into the garden.

Even the tree that was supporting a dead elm has gone. I hope they're burning the wood. I would!

And here's the stump with an abandoned blackbird nest just to complete the picture.

Roll on Summer!

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