Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The first signs of Winter

Winter arrived overnight with a hard frost.

The softer plants like the Nasturtians have collapsed because they're mostly water, but we had already brought in the Aeonium and lagged the pot the Olive tree sits in (too big to bring into the house). The poppy, Patty's Plum, which is such a favourite in our house, had one last flowering just in time to be caught by the overnight freeze.

Anyway, it's not all downside; there are some wonderful sights to be seen. I caught these nettles just before the sun melted the frost - magical.

Mind you, you do have to be careful with ice all over the pavement!


  1. What beautiful photos! I adore nasturtians, and the nettles (wicked things!) are also just lovely.

    We had a gorgeous day here in Warsaw. A very pale, low-in-the-sky sun, temperate air, and a mackerel sky. Mmmm...

    I brought my geraniums in at the weekend, and pruned them brutally.

    Winter, bring it ON!

    (Word verification is "clingly" ... which is what I feel about autumn now that winter is almost here!)

  2. What a wonderful page!

    I have just bought a house, and with it a huge garden that has been completely unatended for more than twenty years. This is my first time as a housowner, and gardens have not been an interest until now.

    I am living in the northern parts of Sweden so it is very interesting for me to take part of the daily differences between your garden and mine. :)

    A new favourite site!
    I will be back for more!