Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Putting the garden to bed

We spent the weekend putting the garden to bed. The early frosts had really devastated the Nasturtians and they turned to slime as we pulled them out, leaving plenty of fallen seed behind for next year. We planted a couple of new roses, swaddled the Olive Tree pot in bubble wrap and moved it nearer the warmth of the house. Needless to say, we filled the local authority's green composting bin and we can now take it a bit easier until early Spring.

Everything's not over yet, however. The Amelanchier we planted last year at the bottom of the garden is still showing its Autumn red, as is the Cotoneaster by the Kitchen wall.
(I find Cotoneaster boring for 90% of the year, but it really comes into its own in November.) The Silver Birch (Paper White) looks wonderful - a great shape and almost ethereal lightness as it gradually turns and starts to lose its leaves.
Anyway, lots of rain this week; the lawn's unwalkable on. Molly, the spaniel tiptoes around (she's very fastidious about getting her feet wet and muddy - yes, I KNOW, she's supposed to be a spaniel. Tell HER that!).
Cosby flooding. The worst is over.
Cosby, the next village - on my way to work- was flooded, though when the road was a ford, it could be up to 3 feet deep. I remember getting the Mini stuck and having to pull her out by putting her in gear and using the starter motor.
Cosby Ford
These days, it's a bit more civilised (I'm sure I've got some pics of the whole village centre under water, but I can't find them) though the culverts get blocked with weed and leaves, and there's always some idiot who thinks the way to get through is to drive as fast as possible, breaking down and making life difficult for all.

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