Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New year's eve, and the killing goes on

New Year’s Eve and a white hoar frost over all. I had hoped to get a decent photograph of the Kestrel that I saw hovering about 20 feet above the ground yesterday; it then swooped but did not, I think, make a kill and settled in the field to preen itself. Anyway, with the cold, it was not in evidence.

In fact, the mist and hoar frost was caused by a lack of the biting North wind of yesterday, so: no wind = no wind chill. I didn’t feel nearly as cold today.

The fields around are achingly beautiful at this time of year. There is a lonely, sparse feeling about everything. The only sound was the farmer behind in his tractor bringing bedding to the beasts. None of the local blue tits were around and the wrens kept themselves hidden. Lots of sparrows (house and hedge varieties) and the starlings, like death and taxes, are always there.

I came back to the news on the radio that Israel had refused an attempt to set up a truce to enable humanitarian aid into Gaza. This blog is not intended to be political, but I can no longer resist saying; when did murdering innocent people (or even executing without trial guilty people) become internationally acceptable? Was it us in Iraq, or Dresden, or Hiroshima, or did it happen before that? Anyway, isn’t it time we just stopped killing each other? Isn’t it time to say to governments “Just stop fighting each other and who knows what good might happen?” Can anyone who believes in God tell me why, when all good men and women pray constantly for Peace, doesn’t he/she just say “Yes”?

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