Friday, 8 May 2009

Treacle Mine Road?

There is a proposal to rename our road because it has the same name as another. This is how it happened: Once upon a time, there were three villages: Broughton Astley, Primethorpe and Sutton in the Elms. As time went by, the villages of Broughton and Primethorpe grew, merged and began to absorb Sutton. However, the powers-that-be decided to put in a bypass (as powers-that-be are wont to do) and Sutton was again divided from Broughton/Primethorpe.

There is a road (Leicester Road) that begins in Primethorpe (now part of Broughton Astley) and runs through Sutton in the Elms (in fact it's the only road in Sutton), coming to an end just the other side of the village. Whenever anybody delivers to a house in Sutton, they ring up, saying; "I'm on Leicester Road in Broughton Astley; where are you?" To which the usual reply is; "I DID tell you we weren't in Broughton, we are in Sutton."

Anyway, Linda, who really has the village at heart, has proposed a name change to either Sutton Lane or Croft Lane. Most people seem to want Sutton Lane and that would be fine by us. I'm afraid there wasn't a lot of support at a recent village meeting for 'Treacle Mine Road'. Oh well...

Terry Pratchett in Treacle Mine Road with the Queen of Elves and Cohen the Barbarian
(from Facebook Discworld Monthly)


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