Friday, 5 June 2009

The beauty of the poppies

The poppies have come up trumps this year. It does take a whiloe for them to settle in and build up their strength. I love the original oriental poppy; the way it catches and holds the light.

But we also have other varieties and colours

... including my all-time favourite, 'Patty's Plum'.

The Summer House/Studio is finished and I'm off to take a class in stained and leaded glass in a couple of weeks time in Liverpool, so I can get started.
The bunting, by the way is for Marea's volunteer party (for those who fundraise voluntarily for Marie Curie Cancer Care). They promised rain, but, so far, the weather's holding. My only problem with the bunting (well, no, not my only problem - I'm not really sure I like it at all) but my problem with this bunting is that it hides the lettering.

Last year, I cleared a patch of land that had been totally dominated by our aptly named Stipa Gigantea, divided the stipa, replanted a small bit and then planted alliums and other good stuff around it.

Well, this is how it's turned out. I think that's a success.

The Allium Christophii are spectacular, but the small ones (you can just see the spearhead buds on this shot) produce small deep red balls of colout that last quite a long time. Perhaps more later.

Actually, the whole garden is at its best at the moment. Though I love August (I was born at the end of August) I have to admit that the garden is never quite as beautiful as in June.

This, by the way, is a little rose called 'Eye Paint' from David Austin. It's not done too well in previous years, but it plainly enjoys being among the Alchemilla Mollis.

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