Friday, 27 November 2009

First Christmas Lights

I know this is a rotten photograph, but it's the first set of Christmas garden lights I've seen this year and it's only November still.

Perhaps they were inspired by the switch-on of the Town Hall Square and City lights last Sunday. We did a collection for Leicester Children'e Holiday Centre (Mablethorpe) but most people were more interested in the music on the stage.

This is not my pic; it's from BBC Leicester.

Meanwhile, I'm working on the 'Celebration of Christmas' show at Leicester Guildhall. This is a variety show to raise cash for the charity. We can only get 100 audience members, but it's a magical venue and everyone gets mulled wine, supper and mince pies. It's great fun,. but lots of hard work.

Here's a few pix from a previous show.

And the programme cover for this year's show.

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