Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Passing of a good and valued friend

Marea and I are both laid up with flu at the moment, but I had to make the effort to record and mourn the passing of an old friend.

David Taylor MP died of a heart attack on Boxing day while out walking with his family. David was 63 and was planning to retire from Parliament at the next election. I know he and his family were looking forward to spending more time together.

In This age of dishonest politicians, of expenses claims and broken promises, I can, in all sincerity, say that David was the most honest man I have ever met. He was uncomfortable when his party did something against his prinsiples, but instead of complying like so many others, he stood out, spoke out and, thus, did not get promoted to the highest levels.

David worked so hard for the welfare of others, never stinting with his time, but not smarmy, never 'hale fellow, well met' just straight, friendly and concerned.

When others' expanses claime were being investigated, David was exonerated - indeed, he was found to have claimed only half his entitlement.

Tributes have come in from all political sides and all levels. All I can say is; we will miss a good and honoured friend.

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