Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Rain it Raineth Every Day

I was loth to set out with Molly the Spanielt this morning. "Hey ho, the wind and the rain". Apparently it's been the wettest and coldest April since records began and we're still in the grip of a drought.

Even Molly didn't want to go out. Unlike most Spaniels, she really doesn't like water at all. In fact, she would really rather sit at home on silken cushions, but here's a pic of her from April 2011 - flowers and sunshine, etc.

We've rather missed the blossom in the cold and rain but the lilac is struggling through. this one, at the Stone House is a bit further on than ours, being more sheltered.

Not much else to write home about. Everything is cold and wet.

Now, on the drive into the office, Cosby is beginning to flood and, as you see from the road sign it will soon only be suitable for ducks.

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