Monday, 4 June 2012

A more magical sight

What could be a more magical sight than the Diamond Jubilee Flotilla?

Well... yesterday, before it all happened on the river, we sat in our garden and watched the sparrow chicks fledging.

In a quiet moment, they flew out rather tentatively and sat in the Pineapple Broom Tree as if they couldn't quite believe they were finally out in the daylight and fresh air.

After a few minutes, the mother flew in with a couple of caterpillars for them and this went on for about an hour until they got the feel of things.

Some time later, one of the juvenile blue tits which had fledged a couple of days ago was feeding from the peanuts when the sparrow mother flew in and drove him off the claim the peanut feeder for herself and her brood.

A more magical sight!

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