Friday, 19 February 2010

The new window, in place

At last! The new window is in place. All I've got to do now is make good the paintwork and give some thought to the next project.

It's taken a long time because of Christmas and not feeling at all like doing anything during January, but now it's done I'm quite pleased with it. I have discovered that I have to get my head into the right place to have the right sort of concentration; very different from website design, or leaflets and programmes, etc.; very much hand and eye.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jim...
    Hey what a great window, lovely colours and shapes...
    I really like the design in context with the door and position...
    Congratulations. Jim...
    Would you still like to have stained glass classes with me? Do you need them!
    Would be good to speak on the phone, my work number is 07946511639, and I’m based in Deptford, London.
    Best Wishes
    Sophie Hussain (mastercrafts)