Friday, 5 March 2010

Winter into Spring(?), Irises and Stained Glass

It's good to see the tulips coming up without their coating of snow, but the temperature is still dropping below zero at night (and sometimes during the day) so we haven't managed any gardening yet.

I've gone back into the studio to make a start on the new window I'm putting in to replace my first effort in the dining room. I liked the new kitchen window so much, and thought the design was so much better than the dining room, window that I've decided to replicate it and match the two windows at each end of the room.

I managed to get a good clean design in spite of the fact that I almost destroyed the old design and the new frame is bigger than the kitchen window. I've simply recreated the window design and added a border all round which will be in clear iridescent water glass.

I had to buy new supplies from Tempsford and have made a good start due to the fact that Marea's got involved in a TV serial that's on every evening for a week (not my kind of stuff).

Meanwhile, the weather continues to be strange, swinging between warmsunny days, dense fog and deep frost.

Molly the spaniel doesn't like fog. She always seems ill at ease. I suppose it's because she can't see what's coming. She's a very nervous dog at the best of times, though incredibly friendly.

I think she's a bit agoraphobic - she pesters to go out, but whenever we go for a walk, she lags behind on the way out and sometimes stops and looks at me as if to say "Are you really going that far? Do we usually go down here?". Then, when I say "Home!", she's off and is ahead of me all the way.

I sort of remember selecting these Irises, last back end, and thinking "They'll look good in the pots with the crocuses". They're a bit odd, very low and rather ethereal, but quite pretty.

The piece of land opposite is being developed as a car park for the Baptitst Church. I don't know whether to be sad that we're losing a rather wild piece of land with lots of blackberries, etc., or to be pleased that they are doing something to improvethe impossible parking situation on Sunday mornings and almost every evening (youth club, Girl Guides, etc., etc.)

I'm hoping it doesn't ruin the entrance to the village.

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