Friday, 11 June 2010

A Country Wedding

Last weekend, we attended the wedding of a couple of friends in a beautiful little country church - St John Baptist, Chelveston cum Caldecott.

This (Autumn) photo from

The Church dates back to 13th century, with additions in the 14th & 15th centuries. Restored and extended in 1849 at an estimated cost of £726, the Church is a grade II* listed building. Unfortunately, its 5 bells aren't functional.

In these days of more, and yet more elaborate weddings, this was a beautifully simple affair.

The Bride and Groom led the congregation in the short walk from church to reception which took place in the nearby village hall.

Initially, they booked a hotel for the reception but, just before they paid their deposit (phew!) the reception company went out of business and they were thrown back on their own resources.

The village hall and 'retro' feel of the reception, which the groom wanted to be like a 'cricket tea' were an inspired choice. There was, indeed tea, cucumber sandwiches, dainty cakes, etc. and the hall was decked with bunting made (in part) by the bride.

This was a gentle, friendly wedding reception where everyone got the chance to talk (no overwhelmingly loud music), almost like something out of the 1950s and all the better for that (there speaks someone born in 1947).

The happy couple have gone off to Rome for their honeymoon taking everyone's best wishes with them.

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