Friday, 25 June 2010

Our days were of wine and our paths through roses

High Summer and outside the garden, the area is being colonised by foxgloves (and also by bindweed, but I pulled most of it up).

The hedgerows are full of dog roses

Our new elms are flourishing;

... and the farmer behind has made his first cut of hay.

Where the may blossom was full of perfume, berry production is moving apace.

And the dreaded lily beetle is at it again! (Look just under the leaf in the centre.)

I got this one anyway!

Opposite the back door, the trellis is burgeoning (with my 'garden glasswork in the centre)

And this is Summer Song, an Austin rose.

And Albertine - great habit and beautiful scent.

Just underthe plum tree is one of our newer ones, Belle Epoque.

And, growing over the shed is Pleine de Grace - never disappoints, always full of blooms, unbelievably vigorous climber - needs cutting back hard in Autumn AND Spring, but one of the most scented roses we have.

Together with Paul's Himalayan Musk - the name says it all.

And just as you go out of the gate, one of my personal favourites: Eye Paint.

Meanwhile, in the hedgerows, the brambles are in flower - should be a good blackberry season to come.

If I can get past the usual vicious thorns.

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