Friday, 2 July 2010

Knebworth Salvo Fair

We went off to the Knebworth Salvo Fair last weekend – yes, that Knebworth, where the rock festivals are/were. My main interest was the stained glass – not that I wanted to buy, just get ideas.

I was rather taken though with the slipware tiles – just nowhere to use them. Marea is into church woodwork and was hankering after the pews but you need a big(ger) house to hold them.

There were lots of windows, mostly Victorian but some 30s-40s. I am constantly impressed by the ubiquity of high quality stained glass windows in local Victorian houses. They must have turned it out like mass production. I know they had shops for cutting the glass and separate shops for leading up and assembly. The constant practice meant their skill levels were very high.

I’ve always been interested in paint affects – lining, stippling, etc. and was very tempted by these graining rollers, but didn’t want to pay the going price.

There was lots of domestic metalware and general ‘rubbish’.

What really attracts me is flashed glass – very expensive, but the coloured layer is always deep and rich. I liked these typical deep blue flashed corners with the deep ruby and deep blue panels.

Lots and lots of doors, but getting the correct size is almost impossible. Anyway, I would really like to buy blank doors and put my own glass in.

Here be dragons!

And more glass. Some very good colours here and the windows are in very good condition. It’s very rare to find salvaged glass that’s completely intact.

Lots of small bits of glass…

And more doors. The man selling these offered to buy MY glasswork, though I don’t think I’m good enough for that yet. Still, I took his card.

I was amused by this very much restored bathing machine and, being sold by the same lady, this strange romantic love boat.

Finally, while the World Cup is still going on, even if England have been ignominiously dumped out, 3 Lions!


  1. Thanks for the great review Jim. But did you buy anything at all?
    Let us know if you would like a complimentary ticket to the next Salvo Fair (24th Trade Day) 25th and 26th June 2011.

  2. We bought some tiles and some bits for the garden; I bought a 30s stained glass window to put in my 'studio' as inspiration but, mainly, we got lots of ideas for future purchases.

    We'd love a comp ticket. I'm sure we'll be there anyway; we really enjoyed the event.