Friday, 10 September 2010

Civil war and the Leicestershire Round

Off at the weekend to Bosworth Field to see Ernie White off on his walk around Leicestershire in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care.

The walk is 100 miles and passes through some of the best countryside in the County. It was inaugurated by me in 1996 on a wet and muddy day that was so cold I have no photos of it. I do, however, have this one of a visit I paid to the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre in 1997. When I worked for the Leicestershire Museums Schools Service, I helped create the Alabaster tomb effigy seen here.

Of course, we needed some civil war soldiers to help the walk go off well.

The only problem was that they insisted on cheering "AYorke! AYorke!" something I find problematical, being a Lancastrian.

Ernie checking the route...

The present Chairman of the County Council, Peter Osborne, came over to see Ernie off (this was a bit of a Chairmen's do - Ernie preceded me as Chairman).

It was a bright Autumn morning and Ernie led off with a will followed by his faithful retinue.

On our way back home we found the guard on its way back having left Ernie at the nearest village.

To donate to Ernie's effort, go to and join the august company.

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