Friday, 3 September 2010

A death in September

This was going to be a slightly poignant piece about things like the Holdenby Food Fair...

September - trees full of fruit...

... birds gathering in the mist ready to fly off to the sun...

following hay trailers down country lanes, etc., etc... but this has now been overshadowed by the death of an old friend.

Nicholas Corah died in a car crash, typically on his way to a charity event, on Wednesday 1st of September.

I first got to know Nicholas when I was Chairman of Leicestershire County Council and he was 'my' High Sherrif. Together, we were the last such officials to serve the combined Leicestershire and Rutland, later divided by Local Government Reorganisation. Nicholas and I were not natural political allies but he was the most welcoming, friendly man intent on doing all in his power to serve Leicestershire and its good causes.

Many people make money in business and Corah's was a supplier to Marks and Spencers, a major employer in Leicester and a profitable company for many years. on his retirement, Nicholas and his wife Penny set about seeing how they could make a greater contribution to the life of the county and, later, Norfolk where they moved to a few years ago. He was founding chairman of Leicestershire Cares, an initiative which sees major companies provide staff to carry out charitable work. He also headed a fund-raising team which secured £13 million for the University of Leicester.

There's lots I could say about Nicholas Corah but I'll leave it to the local paper, the Leicester Mercury and to the University website to fill in the many details of his life.

RIP Nicholas Corah; 23.1.1932 - 1.9.2010

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  1. I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Nicholas. He sounded like a remarkable man and anybody who knew him should feel proud to have known him. My thoughts are with his family and friends.