Friday, 22 October 2010

First Frosts

It's that time of year again: frost patterns on the cars, my Highway doesn't work first thing in the morning - like me, it doesn't like the cold

And the spiders' webs are hanging in damp rags

People are planting daffodil bulbs everywhere

And we've set about clearing out the pots, digging the bulbs out of the shed and replanting everything. Hopefully, we can expect a decent show in the Spring

A few of the best climbing pelargoniums set aside ready for the Spring because they're a bit expensive and wouldn't survive outside.

We've been moving plants around. I dug out the acanthus and made a huge space for some shrubs. lots of bulbs in here also. I'm hoping the squirrels don't eat them all.

Still, we've lots of logs cut

And more wood still to be cut so we might get through the Winter without buying more.

Finally, the bad puns are out again. What is it with non-conformist churches and limp puns? I think there's a factory somewhere churning them out.

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