Friday, 5 November 2010

Golden... November

This is the weather the shepherd shuns,
And so do I;
When beeches drip in browns and duns,
And thresh and ply;
And hill-hid tides throb, throe on throe,
And meadow rivulets overflow,
And drops on gate bars hang in a row,
And rooks in families homeward go,
And so do I.

Weathers by Thomas Hardy (verse 2)

But it hasn't been like that. I think it was the early frosts that started it. Started the changing colour of the leaves and then an unusually mild couple of weeks has meant the trees hung onto their leaves and they gently changed colour

 The little Rowan at the edge of the village that was vandalised a couple of years ago but recovered as a many stemmed bush rather than a tree took on a deep red combined with the gold and the remaining green, almost like a sign at the village entrance.

And driving out with the allotments on the left, all the hawthorns, limes and willows also took on the fiery shades.

In the garden opposite our house, the hedges and the acers are all turning and the dovecote sets it all off.

The berried holly reminds me that I have to get this year's 'Celebration of Christmas' ready. I still have to confirm the acts, get the syrup for the mulled wine sorted and order the PA system. There's wine and soft drinks to buy and others will get the food together. Tickets are selling already and everything has to be ready by the end of the month (30 Nov). Last year's show was quite a success and you're only as good as your last show.

On the way into work, all the trees are golden and in the car park, the leaves are gathering. Soon all will be bare branches and the weather will turn cold. This year we're not going away to any continental Christmas Markets, so we'll just have to grin and bear it.

Still, for the time being, the colours are very cheering.

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