Friday, 19 November 2010

Tinnitus and the thunderstorm (Simply Noise)

Once again, a morning full of Tinnitus.

The deep fog this November morning was cool and silent but the Tinnitus feels/sounds like fog in the mind; stops me concentrating, makes it difficult to listen and makes my head ache.

It's not improved by sitting in front of the computer all day at work. In fact, I think that my Tinnitus is partly caused by muscle strains in my neck so the comoputer just makes things worse, however much I adjust my chair and screen.

I spent a lot of time on the internet researching Tinnitus and there are lots of miracle cures out therebut no real explanations of the causes. i think it's more common than most of us think. Anyway, in my surfing, I came across a company called Simply Noise

They make sound files to help disguise traffic noise, office noise, etc and to help people get to sleep. Their files aren't costly - you pay whatever you decide and the one I've started to use is a free download of a 1 hour thunderstorm. I play it quite frequently and it interferes with my Tinnitus and allows me to get on with my work. They do other sounds: pink, white or brown noise (?) and Summer Waves but the one I like best is the Thunderstorm

It being November, and cold and damp, the villagers have been out around the village planting daffodil bulbs. This might not look like anything but it's a small spot where we planted the left over bulbs so, by the Spring, it ought to be beautiful.

Talking about beautiful, I've made some glass pieces for the garden. I don't want to turn the garden into a 'toy shop' but I think these are quite discreet.

Meanwhile, I've still got logs to cut and the pile grows slowly.

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