Friday, 14 January 2011

So, I set off to get hypnotised

So, I set off to go and get hypnotised

Some time before Christmas, I heard on BBC Radio 5live an interview with someone talking about a 'virtual gastric band'.
Now we've all heard about gastric bands which restrict the size of your stomach and, therefore, the amount you can eat. Many celebs have used them to advantage, but this was something different: by hypnosis, the patient is persuaded to believe that they have had a band fitted and their body reacts as one might expect.

Now, I’m very sceptical about this sort of thing but I’m also keen to lose some weight (for keen, read desperate). My father died after having multiple strokes, brought on, I’m sure, by his overweight and when I look in the mirror, I see my father.
Anyway, I made some appointments and decided to carry on as usual until the new year.

Last Saturday, I set off to drive to Beverley to see Sheila Granger, a hypnotherapist. My session with her was just like visiting a doctor; she asked why I wanted to lose weight, what I thought was to cause of my problem, etc., etc., and we then settled down to the hypnosis.

I thought, from seeing stage/TV hypnotists, that the ‘victim’ fall fast asleep, to be awakened by a snap of the fingers like someone coming back from the dead. This was different; Sheila said I might only feel as if I was sitting with my eyes closed and, in fact, that was the case. But, I was aware that something was happening; I was intensely relaxed while also being attentive. When she talked my out of the ‘trance’ (it didn’t feel like one) I felt my system starting up out of torpor and awoke feeling great.

Sheila gave me a disk to listen to twice a day to reinforce the message and I drove home.

Since then, I’ve taken time out of each day (17 minutes each time) to relax and listen to the disk (on my mp3 player). Despite all my scepticism, it seems to be working. I’m now eating tiny meals and feeling full all the time. Since last Saturday, I have shed 9-10 pounds and am feeling much lighter. Apart from losing weight by eating small meals, we are spending very little on food so there are advantages all round.

I’m off early next week for my next appointment, so we’ll see what happens….

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  1. I used to work for a dentist who used hypnosis to help some very nervous patients. They certainly didn't 'fall asleep' but were conscious and co-operative, and in a state of deep relaxation. It was fascinating to watch.