Thursday, 5 February 2009

House of sickness

Mrs R has gastric flu and is really very unwell. I would like to be more helpful, but I have a chest infection and am finding it difficult to do anything useful. Meanwhile, the snow is back. The dilemma is whether to stay home because one is ill, or because we cannot get the car out of the village road.

So, enough of the sickness bit. I thought I would celebrate the snow, which does, in fact, make the village beautiful; quiet and peaceful. Everyone is helpful and everyone calls a greeting. That's not unusual here, but it's warmer and mor friendly

S0, it starts; the slight rise out of the village fills with snow and it's difficult to make that short journey to the main road.

The graveyard is, as always peaceful - I hope they are warm enough. (Perhaps that's not the wisest thing to say... but I'm an atheist anyway, so warm or cold, hell or heaven don't exist for me.)

The snow begins to cover the logs - I need to improve the cover or I'll be carrying more snow than wood into the house.

The schools are closed, so the children are getting ready to enjoy themselves (not that they don't enjoy themselves at school just like I did - not!)

The garden looks lovely with its covering of white hiding the discrepancies of the lawn - occupational hazard when you keep a bitch, I'm afraid.

The fountain is frozen, so the birds can't get their usual drink. It does look rather good though. Like something out of Tolkien.

Why does it never snow at Christmas when we wouold all welcome it? I think this looks a bit Christmassy - must be the red and green with the white snow. ("Red and green should never be seen...")

I do love this fountain. Lord knows it cost enough, but it's given us both lots of pleasure over recent years.

As I write, it's snowing again and getting deeper, so I'll light the fire, get out the laptop and do some paperwork. I've got lots of minues to write - a job I just love (yeah, right).


  1. Jim, your snow pictures look similar to ours down here in Somerset. We've had 4 & 20 blackbirds in our garden devouring some old apples together with 4 fieldfare. Argumentative lot, they spend more energy guarding an apple than eating it!

  2. Hi Louise,Your snow must be much worse down thhere than here, though I see we're forecast to have heavy falls tonight. We have lots of starlings here - who said they were scarce - there are hundreds sitting on the wires. Jim

  3. Hope you and Mrs R are soon back on form again, Jim. Take care, the department can't do without you... the lecturers aren't that important, but you are!! ;)

    I admit it, I loved it when it snowed. It looked so lovely, tho' I'm with you, it was two months late. That's Britain for you, even the snow doesn't come on time!!

    Lectures were suddenly cancelled at Loughborough and... and I still got paid! Hurrah!