Friday, 30 January 2009

More reasons to be cheerful, (and speeding)

As we sit and wait for the coming bad weather, which threatens very low temperatures and more snow (it's easy during the warmer, wetter bits, to believe that Winter's over) I'm cheered by the robin that sits on top of the plum tree in the back garden, singing his heart out as if it's full, bright Summer. (The sky on this isn't faked, just one of those cold, bright days we get sometimes.)

I know these are only spuggies, but, nonetheless, they give a lot of pleasure - I must make sure to fill the feeders tonight or they'll be empty again.

There are even blue tits in the hedgerows.

And Spring is (as always) on its way

Actually, The snowdrops ARE faked - they're the last of the 2008 crop, but still something to look forward to.

Now these... are real exotics. Sighted this morning on the bypass, standing in the cold with the radar gun in response to compleints from villagers. Actually, I think they were only warning motorists, not prosecuting them. I wasn't so lucky a few weeks ago, just before Christmas) when I got flashed by the Tigers Rugby ground. I've had to pay my £60 fine and will have to attend a 'Speeding Workshop', not, of course, to teach me how to speed, but to slow down. Ironic really since I couldn't have been doing more that 34mph in a 30mph zone. (I know this, because I also knnow that if you are doing 35mph you get prosecuted without the option.)

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  1. Isn't it funny that sparrows, of all birds, have such a myriad of nicknames? In Suffolk we call them 'spadgers'!