Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday morning pleasures

It's Palm Sunday and Marea's off to church to read the lesson. A glorious sunny morning; a great time to walk the dog. Managed to get another (better) pic of the Great Tit in the trees by the churchyard. The song was wonderful, though it doesn't compete with the songthrush outside our window.

We came across these ponies out practising in the sun. The driver told me that one of them has been out of action for six months with a broken bone in her foot, but you wouldn't have known it. The chemistry between the pair was plain to see.

Later, we moved some of the plants from the bank where the new summerhouse/studio will go; Penstemon, Paeonies, poppies and roses. There's lots of bindweed in there, but we'll spray it all with Roundup before the base goes down. They'll be starting in the w/c 20 April. I can't wait.

As I've written here before, we have begun to have a rat problem. Turns out that this is a general problem among the houses at this end of the village. It's all down to an infestation in the field opposite, so the Council has closed off the field and put down poison. I just hope it's safe for the wildlife.

Finally, the first Small Tortoisshell of the season appeared in the garden this morning. Looks like Summer's on the way.

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