Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The usual noisemakers

So far, the usual noisemakers have been the robins. You can rely on them being around throughout the Winter, singing in the hedgerows. We have a couple of street lights across the road and the robins think it's daylight all the time - it's like having our own nightingales. I sometimes wonder when they sleep.

Robin on the garden feeder

...and in flight

As I walk Molly each morning, I have realised what a variety of bird species we have around us. All these photos are casual ones taken on the walk, so the quality may not be great. Hopefully, over the Summer, I'll be able to sit still and get some better shots. I have been thinking about getting a bigger lens, but they're rather expensive. I'll have to give it more thought.

Male Chaffinch

Sparrows in the newly cut hedge

Blue tit with its head almost inside the feeder

...and sitting on an iron hanging 'basket'


Great Tit

Now, the song thrushes are taking over. We have one outside the bedroom window, and another a few yards away along the hedge. They sing and reply at great volume from dawn to dusk (not fooled by the street lights). Each one sings and repeats the song twice just to show it's not a fluke.

Song Thrush

... in the hedge opposite our bedroom window

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