Friday, 24 July 2009

Stained Glass; the result in situ

Finally, this is my first finished stained glass leaded light, installed in its proper place and with the light from the hallway shining through.

Below is the inside view taken with flash which shows up all the textures and also the minor damage to the door caused when I took out the old window, not realising that the beading on one side had been firmly glued in. I, of course, chose the wrong side to remove.

As you can see from the pic below, it transmits the light beautifully and makes it actually seem brighter than when the glass was clear (but ugly and bobbly).

Here you see how it fits in with the room. The window at the left (bottom of the stairs) is a candidate for a more art deco design I'm working on.


  1. Jim, The window is is the room it adorns. --Susan

  2. Thank you Susan. Actually, the room setting is a bit of a cheat; we were getting ready for a dinner party, so it seemd a good time to take the pics. - Jim