Friday, 10 July 2009

Stained Glass - steady progress

I managed to get a good weekend's work in on the stained glass last weekend so I'm making steady progress. Things I've learned: 1. It gets more difficult as you add more glass and lead; 2. Never close off an area - always leave one side open or it's impossible to force the final piece in; 3. Don't bring too many leads together in one joint - try to stagger them; and 4. It's a damn sight easier to put solder on that get it off, so be very careful about getting it everywhere.

all in all, I'm quite happy about the way things are going; you just have to get used to the fact that your rather neat design gets messier as you go on. Also, accuracy in cutting is important - every millimetre out increases the error as you move across the design.

The work is very satisfying, though it certainly makes my back ache bending over the worktop, especially when I'm trying to do something fiddly on the far side - that's why I've turned the layout round so I could work on the rose at close quarters.

There's just the possibility I might finish it this weekend - it looks as if it's going to rain, so there won't be much gardening going on.

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