Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Bank Holiday Weekend, Part Deux

If Holdenby was small and interesting, the re-launched Stoneleigh Park Country Festival was sprawling and tacky. There was nothing of the old Town and Country Festival about it. Simply put, it was a cross between a cheapskate Sunday market and a car boot sale.

We paid £25 to get in (including the 'old fogeys' concession, and quite honestly, it was a total waste of money. We heard other comments in the same vein. Stoneleigh is going to have to work very hard to make this event the same annual success that the original Town and Country Festival was. Maybe it will even tarnish the Royal Show?

The only good thing about it were the classic cars. They could have called it 'Stoneleigh Classic Car Show - with bits added'. But, I wonder if they will come back next year. We won't!

Our main reason for going was that we have decided to build a small studio in the back garden, and we hoped to see a few buildings to give us ideas. There weren't any! So we went off to Bentleys where we saw the widest range of garden buildings anywhere and made our choice. Now, I've got to start earth moving.

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