Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Towards the end of Summer

It seems a bit odd to be starting this almost at the end of the Summer, but as we move through August, it's all happening in the hedgerows. The Elderberries are ripening, Hawthorns are reddening and everything feels full of life. In my neighbour's garden, the Bramleys are swelling and the chestnuts are forming in their husks. There'll be a bit more about my own garden later.

Recently, the village had a vote on village status - whether we wanted to remain a village or become a town. This, of course, is the main village; I live in an attached hamlet separated from the village proper by a main road. There seemed to be no advantages to being a town (we got to call the Chairman of the Council a 'Mayor' but there were no extra powers or finance) so, unsurprisingly, the villagers decided overwhelmingly that they wanted to remain a village. When some friends who live in the main village expressed their surprise (they voted for 'Town'), they seemed not to understand that many of the villagers had moved out of cities with the express intention of living in a village and weren't about to throw that away on a whim.

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