Thursday, 21 August 2008

Cats and guilt

I feel a bit guilty at the moment - let me explain: for the last couple of weeks, I've been reading heartfelt hand-written notices pasted around the village about a lost cat. Now the reason I feel guilty isn't because I've abducted the cat, though I do have a problem with the number of birds they kill. No, the problem is that, as I was going to bed the other night, the security light came on over the back gateway and, as I watched from the bathroom window, a large black/brown cat jumped over the gate and ran down the garden. I didn't make the call because (a) I wasn't sure it was the right cat, and (b) I didn't have the cat anyway. So why should I feel guilty?

Perhaps, anyway, they've found the cat and just forgotten to take the notices down.


  1. No need to feel guilty! (but awful sweet that you do!)

  2. Hi Rural Writer. Thanks for being the first EVER to leave a comment. Now the blog feels real, and live! Thankyou