Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Season of fruitfulness...

There's nothing like growing your own. Our first garden, some 45 years ago, had a large vegetable section, about 300ft long where I grew potatoes, cabbages, leeks, runner beans (for which I won first prize at the village show) and everything else I could think of. Since moving twice and downsizing, we now only have a courtyard and flower garden and, although we don't have the time for vegetable growing, we usually manage something edible among all the flowers.

We bought our strawberry plants mail-order and when they arrived they looked almost dead, but after replanting and feeding, they're doing rather well. We have one set in a pot on the ground, but the ones I like are in a hanging basket which lets the air circulate and keeps them clean and free from mould. They're on the computerised irrigation system, so I never have to worry about watering - who's had to worry about watering with the Summer we've been having? I just feed them occasionally and sit back and wait for my fresh strawberries.

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